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The Salon of Enchanted Beauty

Genre: Cozy Fantasy 

Enter the salon where all your dreams can come true, courtesy of the quirky sorceress Philliya Wridall. She can fix any problem you have with a dash of creativity and sorcery!

If you want short warm fantasy reads, this series of short stories is the perfect read for you.

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SoEB Book 1
The Salon of Enchanted Beauty book 1 epub cover small final.jpg

The Salon of Enchanted Beauty

Book 1

February 2023

Freshly graduated from the Laronia Institute of Sorcerous Arts, Philliya Wridall has spunk, sorcerous know-how, and serious lack of money. To make up for that, and to live her best sorcererous life, she launches her own beauty salon bubbling over with potions and spells. However, if she can't snag a customer for her brand new enchanted beauty shop soon, her dream is going to go bust before it even begins. When a mysterious noblewoman appears on her doorstep affected by a terrible curse, can Philliya, sorceress extraordinaire, solve both of their problems in one go? Or will this be the curse that kills her dream?

Ebook: 978-1-960598-00-4

Hardback: TBD

SoEB 2
The Veridian Entanglement The Salon of Enchanted Beauty book 2 small.jpg

The Veridian Entanglement

Book 2

March 2023

“NO WAY. That’s ridiculous!” When Philliya’s latest invention is blamed for a series of deaths, it’s up to her and her alone to dig out the truth.

Ebook: TBD

Hardback: TBD

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