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No Return

Fleeing from Earth in a bid to survive, where will humanity find refuge?
No Return Cover 5x8.jpg
The story lover turned author

Sci-fi and fantasy, oh my! I just can't get away from stories in any medium. I started out as a totally addicted bookworm, devouring book after book, and then moved onto creating the stories I wanted to read. Now I want to invite others (like you!) to read my stories and novels as well.

My first foray into full-length novels is in science fiction with my upcoming Märchenverse series (coming soon in 2022). While you wait, you can catch up on my other works such as my short stories which cover a broad range of sci-fi and fantasy, or you can keep up to date with "No Return" on Instagram.

If you enjoy reading my works, please let me know! I love to hear from readers like you. 

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